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 Here is a brief description on how we came up with the name Club 60.6 for our T-Shirt brand.


I"m also the owner of FBK1 Baseball & Training facility (teaching baseball is our #1) in which we have 3 buildings.  The gym, Transformation Station.  We have the Hitting Tunnel, "Club Hit Me Harder" and finally we have the pitching Tunnel,"Club 60.6".  

One day a buddy was asking me, "Are you going to be at the club working tonight?"  

I asked, "the club?". 

He said, " yes the club, the pitching tunnel"  

Boom, the name stuck and we called it the club from that point on but, we feel like it needed a little more.  The club was cool and all but it was missing something.  Plenty of places called "the club" so we need to separate ourselves.  Club Throw it harder?  Nope.  Club Punchn Tix, cool but nope.  Club Heat, not really.  Club 60.6, yes, that sounds perfect.  It's the distance from the rubber to the plate!  It was perfect, I loved the name and the name stuck.  I wasn't hearing any other options!  Everyone knew what 60' 6" meant, right...wrong.  At least 50% of the customers didn't realize that 60'6" is the pitching distance in the Big Leagues down to Senior leagues.  Another teaching moment!!


Now to the present time.  I decided I wanted to create a T-Shirt brand with cool baseball slogans, it's the thing to do, right.  Next, what to name it.  Club 60.6 T-Shirt Brand!  That was easy.  Now, what is our flagship slogan going to be?  Let It Eat, Duh!!  Us ball players have been saying this for decades, it was only fitting to throw that on the front of the shirt.  

How are we going to get this in the eyes, hands and on the bodies of our target audience?  Got it, send it to a bunch of Major league coaches and players.  Have them take pictures with the shirt on.  Have them send us the pics so we can post on the website, social media and every other Ecommerce platform available. Done deal, this was going to be a blast.  


So we have a badass T-Shirt Brand in Club60.6.  We have a flagship slogan that every baseball player recognizes. Finally, and most importantly, we have a 3.8 oz Tri-Blend T-shirt which will have all our bitchin slogans on!  It's one of the most comfortable T-Shirts you'll wear.  You'll  rock it to the gym, the field, the training room, the store and even to bed after a long day of Letting It Eat!!    


Click the link below and check out our online store with your favorite team color combo.  If we don't have your teams color scheme, email us and we will be sure to get that going for you.   


Kasey Olenberger


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